Digital Channel for Telecom Service Providers
Connect with your customers through web and mobile apps enabling sales and customer care

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My-Operator App in weeks

Launch the app in weeks, leveraging a proven cross-industry digital commerce platform

We leverage a modular palette of production proven widgets for both front and back end business logic to keep the right balance between out of box and need for customization leading to fast delivery times while still enabling each customer to differentiate

Digital Engagement

Bring the full engagement to customer fingertips

Provide the consumers a powerful digital experience to receive targetted personalized offerings, buy or upgrade their services bundles, pay their bills, enquire about the consumption and remaining quota etc. and get support and sell all partnering offerings both entertainment centric as well as other

Architecture Overview

Open source,scalable and runs on all Cloud platforms

Our platform is developed leveraging leading open source components and is built for high performance and comes with cloud batiev characteristics

Engage your customers

Get a postbox where you can drop a message anytime

Use PRESTO picture or text based notifications engine to let your consumers avail of the creative plans, bundles you have launched.

Acquire more users

Let your customers be your marketeers

Use the referral program that PRESTO has to incentivize your customers when they refer you to their friends. You might be surprised how fast the word spreads!

Custom Branding - Affordable - Fully Supported
An Easy and Complete Do-it-for-me Service.

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A world of Possibilities with PRESTO

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We will not share your phone number or email address with anyone

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