About Presto

PRESTO is a Mobile App-Commerce company. We offer an out of the box solution that enables enterprises, merchants and SME's to get their OWN BRANDED mobile app with a highly sophisticated and powerful commerce engine in a matter hours – to engage their consumers through the entire lifecycle from acquiring to engaging to retaining.

We believe that technology is intimidating for most of the SME's. And they would rather spend their time on expanding their business than worrying about creating applications or servers. So we provide an Easy to Deploy, Opex Driven, and Software as a Service model that provides a sales channel without putting a load on the wallet.

Our team has worked in global positions, with multinationals in the field of UX, e-commerce, complex backend engineering, with over 50 years of total experience driving mobility in companies like Nokia, IBM, Google, and Akamai.

Presto Team

PRESTO was started by a team of five people – Adarsh, Monika, Shashank, Shubho and Srirang.
It was the brainchild of two discussions:

a) Design and development don't co-exist and there is a massive loss of information when it comes to managing both in mobile application design

b) Mobile technology is needed but the SMB's have no way of discerning a high quality product from a cheap, low quality one and get it implemented the right way.

While Shashank and Monika had bulk of their experience from Nokia and Europe in Product Management and Business Development, Adarsh, Shubho and Srirang had done startups in e-commerce and crowd sourcing in India. They adopted the platform approach from day one, investing into R&D and Design – so their customers benefit from superior technology and rapid deployment.


For Presto Partners

PRESTO is seeking two kinds of partners

Ecosystem Partners: PRESTO endeavours to provide SME's with complete solution – ranging from Photography services of their products to Marketing their application and products on Social Media, from offering partner Point-of-Sale solutions to Loyalty cards and financial services. We'd love to collaborate to extend your services to our merchants – Photography, Digital Marketing, Print Marketing, Surveys, POS, Loyalty Programs, Financial Services, Delivery Services, Consulting.

Channel Partner: PRESTO is looking to work with partners to extend its platform to more and more SME's. If you are interested in offering Mobile Applications to your existing merchants whether they have online business or not, please contact us and we will walk you through the Channel Partner program to become a partner or a franchise.

Our Technology

Design comes first. User Experience and Design are the pillars of what we provide to enhance the consumer engagement. We believe in European minimalist designs, and offer variety to provide personalization and exclusivity to brands when needed. We build sophistication to the engine side so the Application can offer all the features and stay simple. We scale seamlessly from one store to thousand stores, from 10 transactions per second to 10,000 transactions per second, from 100 users to millions of users.

On top of that we provide comprehensive range of reports, charts, and information for the businesses to analyse their performance, and use the analytics for both predictive and prescriptive actions.