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Give your store a facelift by bringing those beautiful dresses on web and app - all just by uploading your catalog.

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Deals and offers

Offers running on your favorite items

Customers are attracted by 'offers'. Marry their favorite jeans or kurtas and an offer at the same time, they are more likely to order than going elsewhere.

Rewards and cashbacks

More the purchase bigger the rewards

Let your loyal customers collect points and redeem those with a beautiful present or a voucher that they can redeem at any of your stores.

Rating and recommendation

Confirmation bias makes the purchase easy

Customers prefer to buy items that have been recommeneded by their friends, foodies or have been rated highly.

Engage your customers

Get a postbox where you can drop a message anytime

Use Presto picture or text based notifications engine to let your customers know about the arrival of fresh fish or prawns or exotics like the blue crab.

Acquire more users

Let your customers be your marketeers

Use the referral program that PRESTO has to incentivize your customers when they refer you to their friends. You might be surprised how fast the word spreads!

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All Outlets, Online at once

Offers & Discounts

Offers & Discounts Engine

Recommendations & Refferals

Recommendations & Refferals

Visual Commerce & Video

Visual Commerce & Tutorial Videos



Notifications with Action

Notifications with Action

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Go to Market Speed

Apple-of-my-I had a massive catalog. The mobile experience would have been complex and customer attention to the items at best flickery. We decided to change the strategy to showcase our hot-products only. PRESTO platform allowed us to move from one model to another almost overnight.
- Apple-of-my-I

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