Empowering YLG's @home Initiative with Presto's on-demand service platform: delivering beauty to doorsteps!

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Empowering YLG's @home Initiative with Presto's on-demand service platform: delivering beauty to doorsteps!

To cater to consumers' evolving needs and preferences, beauty service providers aim to provide a complete beauty experience that includes all aspects of beauty services

For YLG, this meant expanding beyond their salon-based services into consumers' homes

Presto offered an AI-based advanced technical solution for consumers and beauty service providers. It covered:

  • An algorithm-powered auto allocation engine for real time mapping of the stylists to the consumer requests
  • Real-time proximity mapping and visibility
  • Integrated CRM as well as Calendar Management

YLG's digital transformation

Incorporating such a platform demands a substantial investment and technology infrastructure, which can be a crucial company consideration

Additionally, ensuring consistent quality across multiple locations can be challenging. YLG overcame this by partnering with Presto's on-demand service platform

YLG optimised their operations, enhanced its customer base, and elevated customer experience with a lean management team for 100s of operators across multiple locations

This case study offers valuable insights into the advantages and hurdles of integrating an on-demand service platform, showcasing its potential to revolutionise a conventional business model and propel brand expansion

Get the Case Study now for further details!

Case Studies

Real time appointment allocation and mapping of consumer appointments to the most suitable Beautician for @home on Demand Salon services for YLG. Just like the way you get your Uber!


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