Presto Drives 38X Revenue Growth By Streamlining B2B Operations & Mapping Fragmented Demand & Supply: F&B Case Study


Presto Drives 38X Revenue Growth By Streamlining B2B Operations & Mapping Fragmented Demand & Supply: F&B Case Study

B2B operations in the F&B industry present unique challenges like handling perishables, timely delivery, quality assurance, and demand-supply mismatch. To mitigate the issues, businesses need:

  • Centralised access to view all business functions.
  • Flexibility to incorporate personalisation and negotiations.
  • Last-mile delivery and an effective return journey.

Farmtheory is a B2B, farm-to-fork agri-tech marketplace bridging the demand and supply gap between farms and high-volume kitchens. They have 300+ partner farms and serve 500+ commercial kitchens and food franchises. Their business value aligns with mapping aesthetically varying produce to the appropriate kitchens.

Before Presto, Farmtheory managed all of its business operations via WhatsApp. This meant - working with hundreds of WhatsApp groups, keeping a tab on order status, resolving issues, and following through with invoices. The process was unorganised, chaotic, inefficient, and nearly opaque for stakeholders.

Famtheory's Transformation

Presto moved the B2B operations from WhatsApp to dashboards with add-ons like tracking, analytics, real-time updates, and more. Our platform enabled:

  • Differentiated pricing allowed the mapping of demand and supply.
  • Provision for fulfilment in partial or full.
  • Wallet integration with crediting to ease ordering.
  • RBAC dashboards for role-based task segregation and management.
  • Shifting inventory management to chefs without worrying about payments.
  • Shifting the focus of restaurant owners from day-to-day tasks to business growth.
  • Simplifying invoicing and payment for restaurant owners and fund managers.
  • Effective return journey to ensure near-zero food wastage.


  • 2 million kgs of perishables saved
  • 33X increase in orders in 15 months
  • Increased income of partner farms

Presto simplified and automated the fragmented demand and supply and streamlined operations. Farmtheory can now easily identify, target, and onboard new customers. The project handover was done in 28 days.

Download the Case Study to know more!

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